Questions about Sekhmet digital pressure Gauge Gen-2 28mm Pro

Questions about Sekhmet digital pressure Gauge Gen-2 28mm Pro

1. Charging stuck

Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience of the frozen screen. Please don't worry, your Gen-2 gauge is surely under warranty.

We've identified that this issue resulted from the screen suddenly getting stuck.

Fortunately, it can be easily resolved with a simple hardware restart. The process of restarting the screen involves 3 steps:

1. Stop charging ( Pls take off your charger from the gauge )

2. Leave the screen on for approximately 48 hours or more (very powerful & long-lasting battery indeed) to drain the power and then the screen will turn off automatically;

3. Recharge the device with your charging cable. Post-charging, your screen should return to normal.

This method has proven effective and deep sorry for wasting your time, thanks for your kind understanding & cooperation in advance.


2. Read '0' bar

Pls contact us by sending pictures or video to make sure every setup up is correct, if its true, we'll replace you a new one without hesitation.


3. Update

Gen-2 gauge 28mm Pro has the latest version already, no need for customers to update anymore. It's totally easy and reliable to use.